We approach projects with fresh ideas and open minds, developing imaginative and sustainable spaces.

High Quality

We produce high quality Engineered Door with a quality creation for multi-segment markets at competitive prices. This series can be used for interior doors & main doors, with simple, modern and varied panel designs. Suitable for a variety of formal and informal rooms.

Our ideas respond to the fluid, dynamic nature of societal evolution, aimed around the concepts of places to live, history to share, spaces to work, sights to see, and centers to learn.


We Discover

Our Solid Wood Door is a technology-based wood door (engineered door) with a solid wood frame that uses a joint technique. Eco Solid Wood Door Fillers use spaced solid wood which is then laminated using a press machine.

Available in a variety of plain and textured surface designs, Eco Solid Wood Doors are suitable for all types of homes. We provide two type of construction, Solid, Semi Solid and Honeycomb, with three type of finishing, Eco Skin, Premium Veneer and Waterbase Painted.

Applicable Design

Door Frame

Classic Frame

The advantage of the classic model is that the Installation Progress is more familiar, strong & sturdy.

Single Rebate

More elegant, stronger, can be installed after the wall is finished, suitable for renovation.

Double Rebate

Double Rebate, provides excess space so that mosquito screen doors can be installed or for connecting doors. Flexible so that the door opening can be adjusted or changed. Can be installed after the wall is finished & has been painted. Suitable for renovation.

Width : 720, 820, 920 mm
Height : 50 mm
Depth : 120, 140, 170 mm